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SU Degree     Class of Name
BA 1949 Mrs. Barbara Eaton Ferguson
BA 1949 Mr. Howard R. Level
BA 1949 Mr. Stanley J. Luft
BA 1949 Mr. Anson S. Piper, Sr.
BA 1949 Mr. Donald R. Rima
MS 1949 Mr. Russell E. Griswold
MS 1949 Mr. William B. Hopkins
MS 1949 Mr. Stuart J. Pike
BA 1948 Mr. James H. de Bruin
BA 1948 Mrs. Hildred H. Lasser
BA 1948 Mr. Charles R. Little
MS 1948 Mr. Rodney G. Avenius
MS 1948 Mr. James R. Jones
MS 1948 Mr. Charles L. McNulty, Jr.
BA 1947 Mrs. Edward Antablin
BA 1946 Dr. Warren F. Gilman
MS 1944 Mrs. Edith M. Raviola
BA 1944 Mrs. Willis H. Barney, Jr.
BA 1944 Mr. Donald E. Mathewson
BA 1942 Mr. Rogers V. Waugh
BA 1941 Mr. Arthur W. Smith
BA 1941 Mr. Donald V. Way
BA 1940 Mr. Robert T. Emery
BA 1940 Mrs. L. Robert Heath
BA 1940 Mr. Clark E. McHuron
MS 1940 Mr. John G. Newell
BA 1934 Mrs. Jane K. Hearn
BA 1932 Mrs. Harold D. Eades
BA 1920 Mrs. June Kyle Corrigan