Lacustrine Rifts Lab

 Research Vessels

  • Modular, portable 40’ research vessel for lake research: R/V Kilindi
  • Zodiac Hurricane 24’ RIB Research Vessel
  • Avon 12’ RIB inflatable support boat with 15 HP four-stroke outboard

Seismic Acquisition and Sampling Tools

  • Portable multichannel seismic reflection system
  • 1200 m, 48-channel digital HTI seismic streamer and acquisition system
  • 48 channel OYO DAS-1 acquisition system
  • 48 channel, 600 m ITI Stealth array solid streamer
  • 120 cubic inch Sleeve Gun airgun array
  • Assorted Bolt airguns
  • 2 diesel-driven seismic air compressors (65 SCFM)
  • ELICS Delph2 2-channel acquisition system
  • Geopulse “Boomer” 1 kHz marine seismic source
  • Edgetech “Geostar” CHIRP seismic profiling system
  • Knudsen portable 28 kHz digital echosunder
  • Deep water electric vibrocoring system
  • Assorted sediment sampling systems

Laboratory Facilities

  • Seismic analysis facility for interactive seismic reflection data processing, interpretation and 3D subsurface visualization
  • Linux based workstation network running LANDMARK and GeoGraphix® software
  • Landmark University partner
  • Complete sedimentology laboratory with sediment core cold storage facility
  • ArcGIS and CoreWall Workstations