Facilities Associated with the Lautz Research Group


Major water chemistry instrumentation includes:
1. Two-Column Dionex Reagent Free Ion Chromatography System, ICS-2000, with autosampler (for simultaneously measuring anion and cation concentrations, such as calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, and nitrate, among others)
2. Picarro L2130-i Water Isotope Analyzer, with autosampler (for measuring oxygen and hydrogen isotopic composition of water)
3. Barnstead NANApure DIamond Ultrapure Water System (for water deionization)


Field instrumentation includes:

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer for measuring light loss in fiber optic cables
Fusion slicer for splicing two fiber optic cables together
Nikon Reflectorless Total Station (and accessories)
Portable WTW pH/specific conductance/dissolved oxygen probes
Geopump Persitaltic Pumps and an FMI piston pump for well sampling
Three flow-through field fluorometer (e.g. Turner C3)
ADV velocity meter
Marsh-McBirney flow meters
Handheld GPS units
iButton temperature data loggers
Waterproof camera
Two-way radios