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GeoRef Peer Reviewed publications with a “SU Earth Sciences” affiliation

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Peck, W; Bickford, ME; McLelland, JM; Nagle, AN; and Swarr, GJ, 2010, Mechanism of metamorphic zircon growth in a granulite-facies quartzite, Adirondack Highlands, Grenville Province, New York:  American Mineralogist, v 95, p 1796-1806

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Bickford, ME; McLelland, JM; Mueller, PA; Kamenov, GD; and Neadle, M, 2010, Hafnium isotopic compositions of zircon from Adirondack AMCG suites; implications for the petrogenesis of anorthosites, gabbros, and granitic members of the suites:  Canadian Mineralogist, v 48, p 751-761

McLelland, JM; Selleck, BW; and Bickford, ME, 2010, Review of the Proterozoic evolution of the Grenville Province, its Adirondack outlier, and the Mesoproterozoic inliers of the Appalachians:  Memoir - Geological Society of America, v 206, p 21-49

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Compilation by Bruce Wilkinson