Syracuse University Geologists Confirm Oxygen Levels of Ancient Oceans

Zunli Lu

June 9, 2014

Research may also impact study of marine ecology, global warming 

Zunli Lu and Xiaoli Zhou, an assistant professor and Ph.D. student, respectively, in the Department of Earth Sciences, are part of an international team of researchers whose findings have been published by the journal Geology (Geological Society of America, 2014). Their research approach may have important implications for the study of marine ecology and global warming. Read more...

SU geologists prove early Tibetan Plateau was larger than previously thought

Gregory Hoke

April 10, 2014

Professor Gregory Hoke says parts of ancient plateau were 600 miles longer

Earth scientists in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences have determined that the Tibetan Plateau—the world’s largest, highest, and flattest plateau—had a larger initial extent than previously documented. Their discovery is the subject of an article in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters (Elsevier, 2014). Read more...

Michael ’72 and Susan Thonis Establish Endowed Professorship of Earth Sciences

Professor Suzanne Baldwin

March 17, 2014

Suzanne Baldwin Named Inaugural Thonis Professor

Professor Suzanne L. Baldwin, a renowned geologist and thermochronologist, has been named the inaugural Michael G. and Susan T. Thonis Professor of Earth Sciences in Syracuse University’s (SU) College of Arts and Sciences. Read more...

SU scientist wins American Geophysical Union Fellowship

C. Page Chamberlain '79 (left) and Donald I. Siegel

January 23, 2014

Donald L. Siegel joins C. Page Chamberlain '79 in fellowship court

Donald I. Siegel, chair of the Department of Earth Sciences in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences, has been appointed a 2013 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fellow, a designation awarded to 0.1 percent of all AGU members in any given year. The holder of Meredith and Heroy professorships in the department, he is one of 62 individuals to have been elected to the 2013 class of Fellows. The cohort includes C. Page Chamberlain '79, professor of environmental Earth systems at Stanford University. Read more...