Events in the Department of Earth Sciences

Syracuse University
Department of Earth Sciences
K. Douglas Nelson Colloquium Series

Jan 15  The persistence of rapid, focused exhumation in the Tsangpo Gorge, eastern Himalaya, Kate Huntington, University of Washington (Hoke)

Jan 22  Lessons on glaciovolcanism from Eyjafjallajökull 2010, Tolbachik 2013 and the Syracuse Lava Project  Ben Edwards, Dickinson College (Karson)

Jan 29  Developing scientific literacy in introductory students:  how do we engage students in the scientific process? Ben Surpless, Trinity University (Curewitz)

Feb 9 (Monday)       Hydrology Search Candidate - Kevin Befus - 2:15 PM

Feb 19     Hydrology Search Candidate - Brian Thomas

Feb 23 (Monday)     Hydrology Search Candidate - Christa Kelleher - 2:15 PM

Feb 26     Hydrology Search Candidate - Colin Gleason

Feb 26  HOLMES LECTURE: Volcanic Eruptions & Hydrothermal Processes on the Mid-Ocean Ridge System, Dan Fornari, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Karson)

March 5  TBA

March 12  No seminar, Spring Break

March 19 Death of a Greenhouse Climate; The Poles Role, Howie Scher, U of South Carolina (Ivany)

March 26  The water-energy nexus: An earth science perspective, Mark Engle, USGS, Reston, VA (Lautz)

April 2  Rhyolites and granites in the middle of the Atlantic: Zirconcentric insights about the generation of silicic magmas in Iceland, Calvin Miller, Vanderbilt University (Samson)

April 9 No seminar, CNYESS SYMPOSIUM this week

April 16 Dating a Martian, Jonathan Levine, Colgate University (Baldwin)

April 23  The uncertain future of coral reefs, Mark Teece, SUNY ESF (Junium, Scholz)