Events in the Department of Earth Sciences


Spring 2016 K. D. Nelson Colloquium

1/21 Zunli Lu (SU) The Tale of The O2: The Voyage with the Purple Eye

1/28 Lou Derry (Cornell University) Global redox budgets: mantle, sediment and ocean-atmosphere interactions

2/4 Ryosuke Motani (UC Davis) Post-Permian global warming and the emergence of marine tetrapods

2/11 Aubreya Adams (Colgate) Variable melt source in the Lau Back-arc spreading center

2/18 Tracy Gregg (SUNY Buffalo) Volcanism in the Solar System:  Strange lavas in exotic places

2/25 Geoff Abers (Cornell University) Fluid and mass transfer into the cold mantle wedge of subduction zones: budgets and seismic constraints

3/3 Carol Frost (NSF) The Earth Sciences Division, National Science Foundation: Funding science to sustain society

3/10 Donald Rosenberry (USGS, Denver) Application of research at the interface between groundwater and surface water: Examples of societal relevance

3/17 Spring Break- no seminar

3/24 Richard Carlson (Carnegie Institute for Science) HOLMES LECTURE: A History of Earth Formation 7:00 PM HGL Auditorium

3/31 Rob Moucha (Syracuse University) Landscape evolution, sea level change and dynamic topography

4/7 Elena Miranda (Cal St. Northridge) Lower crustal flow at the base of an arc: microstructural and petrologic insights from electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis

4/15 Marcia McNutt Slepecky/Seltzer Lecture- Title TBA

4/21 Laura Lautz (Syracuse University) Salinity and methane in groundwater of the Marcellus Shale region: Applied statistics for an applied problem

4/28 – Matthew Saltzman (Ohio State University) The Ordovician descent into an icehouse world

• All seminars begin at 4:00 PM on Thursday afternoons in Heroy Geology Laboratory, Room 113, unless otherwise indicated.