Events in the Department of Earth Sciences


Fall 2015 K. D. Nelson Colloquium

9/3 Rachel Lee (SUNY Oswego) Laboratory and Field-Based Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy of Glassy Volcanic Deposits

9/10 Jeff Chiarenzelli (St. Lawrence University)  Constraints on the Deposition of the Grenville Supergroup in the Adirondack Region

9/17 Jim Gaherty (LDEO, Columbia University)  An ocean-bottom view of mantle flow and plate formation beneath Earth’s largest tectonic plate

9/24 Brandon McElroy (University of Wyoming)  Not all rates are created equally- quantifying variability in topographic evolution

10/1 Glenn Milne (University of Ottawa)  Projecting sea level changes in a warming world 

10/8 Richard Norris (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) The end-Cretaceous mass extinction: Strange ecosystems but not a “Strangelove Ocean”

10/15 David Johnston (Harvard University)  Unpacking the Phanerozoic sulfur cycle: insights from isotopes and the modern ocean

10/21 Clifford Voss (USGS Menlo Park) Informing management of the world's largest groundwater systems with simply-structure model analysis (Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture; co-sponsored by the SU Water Program)

10/22 Karyn Rogers (RPI) Habitability in Extreme Environments

10/29 Jean Braun (Université Joseph Fournier de Grenoble) Density, Topography and Erosion: the physics of links between mantle flow, surface processes, climate an density variations in the Earth’s crust

11/5  GSA Week- no seminar

11/12 Larry Mayer (University of New Hampshire) Acoustic Mapping of Gas Seeps – From Deepwater Horizon to the East Siberian Arctic Ocean

11/19  David Schneider (University of Ottawa) Using zircon thermochronology and geochronology for natural resource exploration: examples from Northern Canada  

11/26 Thanksgiving Break- no seminar

12/3 Lee Kump (Penn State Univ) The Oxygenation of the Biosphere   -

12/10 no seminar, end of classes, holiday party, AGU