Events in the Department of Earth Sciences


Syracuse University

Department of Earth Sciences

K. Douglas Nelson Seminar Series


Sept 3 (WEDNESDAY)  The 2011 Eyafjallajökull Eruptions: Lessons Learned

Bryndis Brandsdóttir, Science Institute, University of Iceland

Sept 11 Earth's Mean Elevation: How Continental Flooding and Long-Term Sea Level Constrain Variations in Mean Age of Oceanic Lithosphere

David Rowley. University of Chicago

Sept 17 (WEDNESDAY)  A Conversation with Neil Shubin

Neil Shubin, University of Chicago

Sept 25 The Making of the Marcellus

Mike Arthur, Pennsylvania State University

Oct 2 Fluids, Faults, and Triggered Seismicity in Oklahoma

Katie Keranen, Cornell University

Oct 9  What Caused Late Cenozoic Cooling? Reconciling Chickens, Eggs and Other Beasts

Jane Willenbring, University of Pennsylvania

Oct 16           Fore-arc/Arc Lengthening and the Formation of Ophiolites and their Soles

Jack Casey, University of Houston

Oct 23  No seminar, GSA Meeting, Vancouver

Oct 30 Geodynamic Processes and Lithospheric Strength in North-western Tibet

Vadim Levin, Rutgers University

Nov 6 Collapse of Ice Sheets in the Ancient Climate and What This Means For the World Now

Maureen Raymo, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University


Nov 13 Tracking Evolution of Urban Biogeochemical Cycles:  Past, Present, and Future

Sujay Kaushal, University of Maryland


Nov 20 No seminar, week before Thanksgiving Break

Dec 4

Quantification of mid Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian) Hydrologic Cycle from Northern Hemisphere Americas Proxy Data

Luis Gonzales, University of Kansas

Unless otherwise specified all talks are held on Thursdays in Heroy 113 at 4 PM