Fulltime Faculty

Suzanne Baldwin

Michael G. and Susan T. Thonis Professor of Earth Sciences
218 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Baldwin specializes in noble gas thermochronology, P-T-t evolution of crustal terranes, plate boundary processes in the southwest Pacific, continental extensional tectonics.

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Paul Fitzgerald

207 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Fitzgerald specializes in low-temperature thermochronology (fission track, U-Th/He) applied to tectonics in extensional, convergent and strike-slip regimes. He has projects in Antarctica, the Basin and Range Province, Papua New Guinea, Alaska and the Pyrenees.

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Greg Hoke

Assistant Professor
116A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Dr. Hoke studies the interactions of climate and tectonics on the earth's surface using geomorphology and the stratigraphic record. His active research projects are in the southern central Andes and SE Tibet.

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Linda Ivany

Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
214 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Ivany specializes in evolutionary paleoecology, geobiology, and paleoclimatology.

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Christopher Junium

Assistant Professor
322A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Junium is a stable isotope and organic geochemist focusing on global climate change through geological time.

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Jeffrey A. Karson

222 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Jeff Karson's expertise lies in structural geology and tectonics of oceanic spreading centers. Field Geology. Relationships between magmatic construction and mechanical extension.

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Laura Lautz

Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor
317 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Lautz specializes in physical hydrologic processes and their influence on water quality and movement through watersheds.

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Zunli Lu

Assistant Professor
310 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Lu specializes in low temperature geochemistry and uses a variety of methods (trace elements, isotopes and models) to investigate crustal fluids, carbon cycle and global environmental changes.

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Robert Moucha

Assistant Professor
208A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Moucha is focused on large-scale solid-earth geophysics and geodynamics through the use of remote sensing data and computer modeling as tools in visualizing mantle circulation and dynamics as expressed at Earth's surface.

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Cathryn Newton

Professor and Dean Emerita
466 Life Sciences Complex

Prof. Newton's scholarly work involves studies of modern and ancient biodiversity, including the quantitative dynamics of ancient and modern mass extinction.

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Scott D. Samson

Associate Dept. Chair and Professor
319 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Samson's research includes U-Pb geochronology and Nd-Sr-Pb isotope geochemistry. These techniques are used to address diverse topics ranging from tephrochronology, to unraveling the evolution of orogenic belts, to tracking the birthplaces of suspect terranes.

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Christopher Scholz

011A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Scholz specializes in sedimentary geology, the geologic record of climate change, paleolimnology, and sedimentary basin analysis.

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Donald Siegel

Department Chair, Jessie Page Heroy Professor as well as Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor
314 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Siegel is interested in peatland hydrogeology and geochemistry, contaminant transport in groundwater systems, and competitive chess.

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Part Time Instructor

Dan Curewitz

206A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Adjuct Faculty

Mauricio Bermudez

Universidad Central de Venezuela Laboratorios de Termocronología y Geomatemáticas,
Departamento de Geología, Escuela de Geología, Minas y Geofísica.
Facultad de Ingeniería,


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Paul Tomascak

Visiting Faculty
212 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Tomascak is interested in elemental and isotope geochemistry; granite and granitic pegmatite studies.

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Philippe Vidon

Department of Forestry & Natural Resource Management

(315) 470 4765

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E. Bruce Watson

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

(518) 276-8838

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Affiliated Faculty

Charles T. Driscoll Jr.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
151 Link Hall

(315) 443-3434

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Peng Goa

Department of Geography
144 Eggers Hall


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Jason Wiles

Assistant Professor of Biology
150 Life Sciences Complex


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Research and Emeriti Professors

Marion E. (Pat) Bickford

Research Professor and Professor Emeritus
304 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Bickford is a petrologist and isotope geochemist; most of his work has been on the U-Pb zircon geochronology of Paleo- and Meso- Proterozoic rocks.

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James C. Brower

Professor Emeritus
211 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Brower is a paleontologist and paleobiologist; his most recent research has been redirected toward Paleozoic crinoids.

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Bruce Wilkinson

Research Professor
220 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Prof. Wilkinson conducts research in the field of sedimentary geology with emphasis on modern and ancient carbonate sequences. Recent effort has focused on questions about the chemical evolution of Phanerozoic carbonates as records of past atmospheric-hydrospheric systems, on quantification of global cycling rates of sedimentary components at the Earth's surface, and on problems concerning the relative importance of stochastic versus periodic processes during the accumulation of seemingly cyclic peritidal carbonate sequences. He likes limestones a lot.

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Heroy GL

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Department of Earth Sciences
204 Heroy GL
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