Department Staff

Bonnie Andrews

Office Coordinator

204 Heroy GL


Bonnie supports the faculty, staff, and students in the daily operations of the department. She manages the travel & expense reimbursements, van and lobby reservations, semi and weekly payroll.

Peter Cattaneo

Research Analyst

005A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Systems Manager for the geophysical computer network, & marine geophysical equipment/ sediment sampling gear. Conducts geophysical surveys & sediment sampling. Maintains research computers, processing & archiving geophysical datasets. Tracks offshore marine field gear. Provides departmental IT support. Manages the 3D visualization lab and plotting for meetings and class work projects.

Michael Cheatham

Senior Laboratory Operations Manager

321 Heroy Geology Laboratory

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Jolene Fitch

Academic Coordinator
204A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Jolene administers the day to day operations of the admissions and orientation processes, and serves as an academic advisor for students and faculty. Administers the awarding of financial aid. Administers curriculum/course offering and change processes.

Julie Neri

Administrative Assistant II
204C Heroy Geology Laboratory

Associated Staff

Carol Cavalluzzi

Library Branch Assistant

300 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Jacqueline Corbett

Lab Assistant II
005A Heroy Geology Laboratory

Jacqueline is the laboratory manager for Dr. Scholz. Prepares & analyzes sediment samples from New York & African lakes. Carbon coulometry is her pet analysis, she is learning CN analysis on the ECS 4010 Elemental Analyzer. The rest of her time is spent in the field.

Heroy GL

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Department of Earth Sciences
204 Heroy GL
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