Keegan Runnals

Department of Earth Sciences

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Keegan's CV

Masters Student Earth Sciences
Advisor: Jeff Karson

Research Interests

I am interested in the tectonic processes that are forming the earth as we see it today.  My research is being conducted in Iceland, which is cut by a divergent plate boundary and sits above a hotspot in the earths crust.  This makes for a very unique and very active place to study different geologic processes.

Most of the deformation (earthquakes and volcanism) in Iceland is found along the plate boundary, where the North American plate and the Eurasian plate are rifting apart. My study area is located east of this active rift zone, where preliminary evidence suggests there is a large fault zone that has gone mostly unnoticed. I am collecting kinematic data from here in an effort to map and constrain the parameters of the deformation. I then hope to link these back to the overall structure of the rift zone and how it is developing.

Picture of Keegan's field area
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Dynamic Earth Lab (110)



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