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Vicky's CV

Masters Student Earth Sciences
Advisor: Chris Junium

Research Interests

My thesis work will address whether the chemical signatures of modern redox cycling can be found in the  Paleoproterozoic Franceville basin in SE Gabon. 

Paleoproterozoic rocks record the rise of  atmospheric oxygen and the ensuing shift in the redox state of Earth surface environments.  By the end of the Great Oxidation Event it is estimated that oxygen levels had risen to ~10% of present atmospheric levels.

Little is known regarding the precise timing and pattern of the consequent changes in redox cycling, however, and it remains unclear the extent to which modern redox dynamics apply to oceans during the interval just after the Great Oxidation Event.  

My proposed thesis work will undertake the systematic analysis of  several redox proxies (iodine/calcium ratios, nitrogen and carbon isotopes of organic matter, and sulfur isotopes of carbonate associated sulfate and pyrite) in shallow marine carbonates from the Paleoproterozoic of Gabon in an attempt to understand how significant, but low, levels of oxygen may have impacted chemical and biological processes during this key transition.   

 My other interests include the evolution of animal body plans and patterns in the history of diversity.



EAR 105: Earth Science Recitation – Fall 2012, Spring 2013



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