Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to alumni of the Department in recognition of their contributions to the field of Earth Sciences and their service to the Department.

Don presents Henry with the Winchell Award in 2014

2014   Henry Posamentier
2012   Page Chamberlain
2010   Mike Thonis
2009   Carlos Dengo
1996   Charles E. Bartberger
1980   Patrick A. Domenico
1980   Stewart H. Ross
1980   Richard C. Weart
1979   George H. Norton
1979   Harry J. Klepser
1979   Russell M. Jeffords
1978   Robert F. Black
1978   B. Churchill Loveland
1978   James R. Slater
1977   Samuel S. Goldich
1977   Chauncey D. Holmes
1977   Yngvar W. Isachsen
1976   louis A. Fernansez
1976   Marjorie Hooker
1976 Vincent McKelvey