K. Douglas Nelson Award

This award, first presented in 2007, recognizes the outstanding graduate research in field-oriented tectonics and geophysics. The recipient has the privilege and responsibility of caring for Doug Nelson’s treasured coffee mug for the year. It includes an award of $350 from the K. Douglas Nelson Memorial Fund.

2016 K.D.Nelson award repient Tannis McCartney receiving from Don Siegel

2019 Nicolas Perez Consugera
2018   John Mark Brigham
2017   Robin Glas
2016   Tannis McCartney
2015   Chilisa marie Shorten
2014   Gregory A. Ruetenik
2013   Xuewei Zhang
2012   Douglas Wood
2011   Steven J. Riccio
2010   Andrew Horst
2009   Stephanie Perry
2008   Drew Siler
2007   Josh Taylor