Department of Earth Sciences


Department Chairperson

Jeffrey A Karson

Jeffrey A Karson Jessie Page Heroy Professor & Department Chair

Alphabetical List

Suzanne Baldwin

Suzanne Baldwin Michael G. and Susan T. Thonis Professor

Tripti Bhattacharya

Tripti Bhattacharya Assistant Professor

Melissa Chipman

Melissa Chipman Assistant Professor

Daniel Curewitz

Daniel Curewitz Associate Teaching Professor

Paul Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald Professor and Director of Graduate StudiesEarth Sciences

Gregory Hoke

Gregory Hoke Associate Professor

Linda Ivany

Linda Ivany Professor and Associate Chair

Christopher Junium

Christopher Junium Assistant Professor

Christa Kelleher

Christa Kelleher Assistant Professor

Laura Lautz

Laura Lautz Professor

Zunli Lu

Zunli Lu Associate Professor

Robert Moucha

Robert Moucha Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

James Muirhead

James Muirhead Research Assistant ProfessorEarth Sciences

Cathryn R. Newton

Cathryn R. Newton Professor, Earth Sciences and Dean Emerita

Scott D. Samson

Scott D. Samson Professor

Christopher A. Scholz

Christopher A. Scholz Professor

Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas Assistant Professor

Tao Wen

Tao Wen Assistant Professor (Fall 2020)

Bruce Wilkinson

Bruce Wilkinson Research Professor

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Charles Driscoll

Charles Driscoll   Professor of Environmental Systems Engineering.  Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Karin Limburg

Karin Limburg   Professor.  Environmental and Forest Biology

Christopher  Spencer

Christopher  Spencer   Curtin University.  Senior Research Fellow

Philippe Vidon

Philippe Vidon   Professor.  Forest and Natural Resources Management

Bruce Watson

Bruce Watson   Institute Professor, Experimental Geochemistry, Structural Geology.  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jason R. Wiles

Jason R. Wiles Associate ProfessorBiology

Robert Wysocki

Robert Wysocki   School of Art Associate Professor.  Studio Arts (Sculpture)


Marion E. Bickford (Pat)

Marion E. Bickford (Pat) Research Professor, Earth Sciences and Professor Emeritus

Donald I. Siegel

Donald I. Siegel Research Professor, Earth Sciences and Professor Emeritus